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TMJ/TMD and Cranial Therapy

TMJ stands for 'Temporo-Mandibular Joint'

TMJ stands for "Temporo-Mandibular Joint," otherwise know as your jaw. Does your jaw pop, click, lock, or ache, especially when your eat? Do you grind your teeth at night? Do you wale up with headaches? Then you may have TMD,
or Temporo-Mandibular Disfunction.



Do you have TMJ problems?

TMD has many causes, some dental, some cranial. Cranial Therapy, a part of S.O.T., is a gentle, relaxing method for releasing tension in inthe surrounding muscles and releasing pressure from the bones and junctures surrounding the TMJ.

Dr. Monk is trained to work with your dentist and orthodontist to enhance your results. Many people find that dental work and/or braces are much better tolerated when used in conjuction with Cranial Therapy.


S.O.T. Cranial Therapy has other applications as well. Please feel free to ask Dr. Monk if Cranial Therapy may be appropriate for you.

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