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Can’t Sleep?


Sleep Deprivation May Be Damaging to Your Health


Lack of sleep affects you physically and emotionally as well. The psychological distress that comes with decreased sleep is a fertile ground for various mental disorders.

Common cold

Weakening of the immune system

It is well known that when you are sick you need to rest so you can heal. But if you can’t get enough rest, it leaves your body vulnerable to disease.

Chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

Decline in mental ability

Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. This makes it more difficult to learn efficiently.

Second, various sleep cycles play a role in "consolidating" memories in the mind. If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be able to remember what you learned and experienced during the day.

Weight Gain

Fatigue makes people hungrier. People who don't sleep enough hours tend to consume hundreds of calories more a day.

Bone Loss

Bones rebuild and regenerate during sleep, so lack of sleep can cause significant damage to the bones and bone density.

Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive

Sleep specialists say that sleep-deprived men and women report lower libidos and less interest in sex. Depleted energy, sleepiness, and increased tension may be largely to blame.

Car crash

Sleepiness Causes Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is a cause in 100,000 auto crashes and 1,550 crash-related deaths a year in the U.S.

Memory impairment

Sleep occurs in cycles, during which the brain implements our memories. Interrupting sleep cycles disrupts our short-term memory, the portion of the brain responsible for processing data as well as disrupting long-term memory.

Chronic insomnia

Increased Psychological Stress

Lack of sleep lowers your ability to cope with stress and diminishes problem-solving ability. Chronic insomnia may contribute to feelings of panic, poor decisions-making, and reduction in reaction times.

How Can "Good Sleep" Help?

Good sleep

Have you forgotten what it was like to "sleep like a baby?"

"Good Sleep" is an instructional program designed to help you restore your normal sleeping patterns. It is specifically designed to help people who have trouble falling asleep.

The techniques are completely safe and natural. There are NO drugs, pills, or devices of any kind. The program is purely instructional. It does not involve any form of physically-applied therapies.

We use only gentle relaxation methods (which are easily learned) to help:

  • calm the active mind
  • alleviate anxiety
  • reduce stress and tension
  • relax tense muscles
  • promote restfulness
  • induce drowsiness
  • restore feelings of ease and peace

Sessions are offered on Monday evenings at 7:15 pm in our Ossining office. Seating is limited and must be reserved in advance. There is a one-time charge of $25, payable in advance.

Call us at (914)945-0300 to register.

Future programs will address problems for those who have difficulty staying asleep.

Dr. Monk

I have over twenty years experience as a massage therapist and a chiropractor. I combine muscle relaxation, Cranio-Sacral, and chiropractic techniques to reduce joint pain and promote healing.


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My medical doctor said I had arthritis and there was nothing I could do, that I'd just have to live with the pain. Dr. Monk fixed the problem in time for me to go on vacation. Thanks, Dr. Monk.

- A.J.

I've suffered from jaw problems and headaches ever since my car accident in 2001. Within a week, I was able to wake up without a headache.

- S.M.

He was able to fix my neck pain without ever cracking it.

- L.K.

With over twenty years experience as a massage therapist and chiropractor, I combine muscle relaxation with cranio-sacral to reduce pain and promote wellness.

I also treat TMJ/TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Joint/ Temporo-Mandibular Disorders, CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) using Sacro-Occipital Technique.

I am currently president of SOTO-USA, Sacro_Occipital Technique Organization-USA.


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